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WolfKnights Starts Friends & Family Alpha Testing

IMC Games’ WolfKnights Community Manager, Leslie announced in Twitter that WolfKnights will begin family and friends’ alpha testing phase today. Friends and family members of IMC Games’ staffs can enjoy the early bird alpha testing in IMC Games’ studio. WolfKnights is IMC Games’ newest 3D MMORPG game.

WolfKnights Alpha Announcement
Original tweet. Translation below.

Hi, this is WolfKnights dev team.
Currently we are running family and friends test for Wolf Knights inside of imc GAMES (studio).
WolfKnights home page: http://www.wolfknights.com/

After the family and friends test is completed by imc GAMES employees, we will distribute the alpha test keys through home page and Facebook as soon as we have confirmed the game is stable.

Currently, you can sign up at the home page. However, you will not obtain an alpha test key even if you have completed the DOB verification. If you have completed the DOB verification, you will get the alpha key immediately (when the alpha testing is available to public) without having to do it again. – Translated by Lee Seung Hwan

Based on the translation, the Friends and Family Alpha Test is going to be conducted inside IMC Games’ studio. This is similar to the Tree of Savior’s Focus Group Test conducted in February 2014. Only difference is when the game is deemed “stable” by IMC Games, the developers will allow the public to test the game.

Interested players should sign up at http://www.wolfknights.com.

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