Tree of Savior Character Equipment Slots Updates

Tree of Savior – Character Equipment Slot Updates

The Tree of Savior FAQ #3 posted yesterday showed an update to the character equipment slots in the equipment user interface. The developers have added an extra slot for headgear and two bracelet slots.

Equipment Slot Differences

As you can see from the comparison between the old and the new above, the developer has removed one ring slot in exchange for two bracelets slots and one extra headgear slots.

The core items such as body armor, glove, pants, footwear, weapon and shield position stays the same but is now placed in the middle. Headgear, costumes and accessories are all placed on the sides.

(1) Class costume slot is located at the upper right hand corner.
(2) & (3) Bracelets are added in the equipment UI.
(4) Additional headgear is added in the equipment UI, a middle or a lower headgear.

For now, this will be the setup for the upcoming Closed Beta Testing. Everything is bound to change when imcGAMES evaluates the feedback of all the testers. Until then, we will continue to bring updates to the English community as much as we can.

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