About Us

TreeofSaviorGame is one of the most updated Tree of Savior news and community website on the web. Reporting news on Tree of Savior game from IMC Games and other games. TreeofSaviorGame has the most compiled Tree of Savior Wiki available on the internet and is the go-to website for Tree of Savior related news, wiki, guides and forum discussion.

Every month, we have over 60,000 unique visitors who read more than 700,000 page views!

The Team

Founder, writer, Gamer and Speaker
In Andronicus’ vast career in gaming since 1998 and writing since 2008, he has never seen a game that has more long term potential such as Tree of Savior. Andronicus is passionate about gaming and anything that vibrates along the lines of games. He is a big fan of Kim Hakkyu‘s work and is extremely interested in the upcoming Tree of Savior anime style game.

We are constantly looking for writers, forum moderators, ToS Wiki contributors and translators (Korean) to join our team. Contact us if you wish to be part of the team.


We from Tree of Savior Brasil loved your work – Tree of Savior Brasil

TreeofSaviorGame.com is the best source of information that any site has to offer. After it is mentioned here, then it goes to the Reddit, other communities, and social media. I know, because I have all those tabs open on my computer running 24/7 – AC195 (Now a Forum Moderator)

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