28 Job Classes Available in Tree of Savior First CBT

Only 28 Classes Available in Tree of Savior First CBT

Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing (CBT) participants can play up to 28 job classes out of 80 job classes in the first CBT. Players will start with four base classes (Swordsman, Wizard, Archer and Cleric). Each class will have six advanced jobs each for players to choose from later when they level up.

The class simulator in the TOS Nexon website revealed only 28 out of the 80 job classes mentioned in the Tree of Savior blog. The class simulator also showed that in the first CBT, players can achieve maximum job level of 60 and fourth rank. GM Leslie’s recent FAQ article confirmed this statement.

Starting at Job Level 1, CBT participants can select four base classes: Swordsman (example), Wizard, Archer and Cleric.

At Job Level 15: Participants can choose to advance into rank 2 classes or into the second circle of the base class. Classes Available: Highlander, Peltasta or Rank 1 Class Circle 2.

At Job Level 30: Participants can level into rank 3 classes or upper circle on their existing classes in rank 2 and 1. Classes Available: Hoplite, Barbarian, Rank 1 Class Circle 3 or Rank 2 Class Circle 2

At Job Level 45: Participants can advance into rank 4 classes and this is the last class advancement in the first CBT. Classes Available: Rodelero, Cataphract, Rank 2 Class Circle 3, Rank 3 Class Circle 2. The maximum circle each class can achieve is Circle 3, for this example, Swordsman class at third circle must advance into Rodelero and Cataphract. All the skills you have learnt in your previous classes are all carried over to the current class.

Tree of Savior Swordsman Advancement English
Example of a Swordsman rank advancements. You can also use the animated simulator in the Tree of Savior Wiki.

Also, the maximum job level one can achieve in the first CBT is level 60. So, please bear in mind that since the CBT is only held for four days, that is why only limited classes were available. Good news is there will be more CBT in the future where imcGAMES will release higher ranked classes.

Below are the list of the available classes and their translated descriptions.

List of Classes & Translated Descriptions

Swordsman Class

Swordsmans are warriors who have great endurance and use various weapons to combat melee enemies.

Highlanders are strong warriors that use two-hand swords. They can throw enemies to collide with each other or ground structures, so they are great at facing multiple number of enemies.

Peltastas are defensive warriors who use shields to protect themselves from enemy attacks and can provoke the enemy.

Hoplites are spear users. They have long-range attacks and gain bonuses when facing enemies larger than medium size.

Barbarians are reckless and aggressive warriors who are willing to do anything to claim victory.

Rodelero are specialized in ambush and disintegrating enemies. Their shield defense skills are effective for blocking long-ranged attacks.

Cataphract is a two-handed spear specialist who rides companion and crushes the enemy’s defense lines.

Wizard Class

Wizards use magic to stop the opponents’ attacks and protect themselves. They can either attack a single target with powerful blows or attack large group of enemies with area of effect spells.

Pyromancer handles fire and uses powerful continuous fire magic to suppress large number of enemies.

Cryomancer utilizes ice and uses powerful magic to freeze the enemy or lock them up in ice walls.

Psychokino uses psychokinetic powers to control gravity. They can either pull the enemy or throw them around.

Linker can link with allies to reduce the damage taken or link enemies into groups increasing the damage given.

Thaumaturge use magic that change the shapes and properties of the target. They help the battle by making enemies smaller or reinforcing party member’s body.

Elementalists handle the power of elements. They have powerful attack magic but take time to reuse them, so cooperation with the party is important.

Archer Class

Archer utilizes a wide range of secondary weapons and a bow to become the most mobile and strongest offensive long-ranged class.

Ranger specializes in ranged rapid fire using a bow. A class that is exceptional at dealing with multiple enemies.

Quarrel Shooter carries a shield and a crossbow. Quarrel Shooters can perform strategic plays by using pavise to protect themselves from enemy’s long-range attacks while attacking approaching enemies with the crossbow.

Sapper is an archer who attacks enemies by luring enemies into traps.

Hunter is a trainer class who hunts down enemies using companions. They cooperate with their trainers by finding hidden enemies or hanging on to them.

Wugushi is a poison specialist. Wugushi uses various poisons to attack and bewitch enemies.

Scouts are specialized in recon and infiltration. They are able to hide themselves and give the location of the enemies to their allies in order to gain an advantage in battles.

Cleric Class

With the grace of the Goddess, Clerics can use healing and protective magic to their allies and deals huge damage to the enemy.

Krivis worships fire and uses holy fire to heal allies or deals massive damage to the enemy.

Priest uses holy artifacts to bless party members and resurrect the dead with holy power.

Bokor is a voodoo priest. Bokor turns dead corpses into zombies or harass distant enemies using curse spells.

Dievdirbys carves holy wood sculptures in strategic battle locations. These sculptures protect the allies and attack the foes.

Sadhu can materialize his soul. The soul can be active unseen by enemies, and you can use this power on your friends.

Paladins have powerful battle skills and can protect party members with sacred powers. They can also convert enemies that once worshiped the devil to fight for the Goddesses.

Translated by: Insung Kim

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