Armband is a Visual Accessory in Tree of Savior

Armband is a Visual Accessory in Tree of Savior

Apparently visual accessories in Tree of Savior are not limited to headgears and costumes only. Recent finding shows that Armband will also affect the outlook of a character.

At the start of CBT1, it is specifically mentioned that Tree of Savior CBT1 participants will receive a special title and an armband. Back then no one knew what armbands were until the recent alchemist video. If you have not watch it here it is again.

Look at the character’s left arm, you will notice a red armband. This is the same armband mentioned at the start of CBT1. As shown in the image below:

Tree of Savior CBT Armband

After doing a search in the items database in TOSWIKI, we realize that the armband (called Red Armband), weighs 10g, requires level 40 and all jobs can wear it. The best part however is that the armband comes with three sockets. Sockets can be used to add gems later in the game.

Tree of Savior Red Armband

There are about five armbands created for Tree of Savior at the moment. You can find them using the TOSWIKI item database.

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