More than 90,000 Registered CBT! - GM Lesley's Surprise FAQ #4

GM Lesley’s Surprise FAQ #4 >90,000 Registered for Tree of Savior CBT

GM Lesley just published her FAQ #4. We just learnt that there are more than 90,000 registrants for Tree of Savior CBT. However, only 3,000 will be selected as tester. CBT result is also released today.

Q: I wonder how many participants have registered for the first CBT?
A: More than 90,000 participants registered for the first CBT.

Q: What are you trying to achieve/verify in the first CBT?
A: We want to determine the “development direction in the future”. A summary of the main content to be offered in the first CBT is as follows:

  • A total of four (4) ranks and circle ranking system
  • Twenty eight (28) job classes
  • Field leveling and companion function

Q: How do I check if I have been accepted into CBT?
A: After 5PM on the event page today, you can check your status by pressing the green “Win Check” button. After that please download the client in advance.

Q: Will there be any activities (or events) for the next four days?
A: After downloading the game client, you can create a team in the barrack and start playing the game.

Q: Will the team name and character be saved after CBT?
A: No, unfortunately not. All characters and items are reset after CBT.

Q: What is the future plan after the first CBT?
A: This is one of the most frequently asked question. More testing schedule will be decided after the first CBT. We will keep you updated as soon as we get more information in the homepage.

Surprise Statistical Figures of Tree of Savior

GM Lesley has compiled all the survey questions and gave us a really nice Tree of Savior insight.

1. Most Anticipated Jobs Classes

Swordsman 18366
Archer 17879
Wizard 19885
Cleric 16580
Others (Create Your Own) 8613
Total 81323

The most anticipated job is Wizard!

As you can see, there is not much difference for all four classes.

Some of the “create your own” classes were, gunner, summoner, novice, hybrid, assassin, Cannot imagine job (lol), anything, you’re pretty, operator, hidden class, character, miner, moe, I am unemployed and more.

2. Primary Way to Get Tree of Savior Information

Online/Internet advertising 19531
Professional gaming media 9535
Recommended by a friend 9351
Community Sites (blogs, cafes, etc) 5420
Online/Internet advertising, Professional gaming media 5298
Total 73871

Registrants of the first CBT usually get Tree of Savior information via “Online Advertising”.

3. Most Promising Elements?

Various Class System 25156
Graphics, BGM 13164
Basic Combat/Impact Feel 10947
Cooperative, Party Play 9824
Extensive Story 9430
Production, Enhanced Content 5350
Total 73871

A lot of people are looking forward to the “Various Class System” in Tree of Savior

4. Define “Tree of Savior” in short words, using the best matching word please.

In Korean (Translated): Memories, charming, nostalgic, highly anticipated, cute, new, assimilation, sensitivity, diversity, my life, the last, the old RPG, classic, adventure and want to, please, wait, Nexon, dreams, fantasies, New World, nostalgic , excitement, revolution, true, hope, and the Return of the king, legend, love, and finally, dreamy, this, classic, resurrection, savior, Honey butter Cookies, first love, palpitations, friends, destiny, Renaissance, 2.5D, pure, rainbow, taste sniper, time machine, mine, lower mandible, dots emotions, healing, Moe, girlfriend, got pulled, terminators, heart, delicacy

In English: ART, cool, excellent, fairy tail, Innovation, Best, Love, Class, Memory, 3D MMORPG, GOTY

GM Lesley’s Conclusion Message

Finally, what we would like to say is that it has been two months since imcGAMES decided to publish TOS with Nexon. There are things to be fixed overall in the game, but for users who have waited for a long time, we decided to have a CBT before winter is over. Even it is incomplete, we will try our best to listen to all the recommendation from this CBT to provide the users better gaming experience. What we can do is present the users a great game, and we will do our best to not let the users down.

So, we hope you get great results from the CBT announcement, and again we are grateful for all those who could not join our first CBT.

We sincerely thank every who have waited so long, and try our best to give you the best gaming experience with your tests and feedback.

Thank you!

We are still updating this article. Please be patient.

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