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TreeofSaviorGame First Blog Post

Greetings and Welcome to TreeofSaviorGame.com Blog,

I am Andronicus and thanks to the development team, we have established a community blog for Tree of Savior game.

Tree of Savior is a game that has a lot of potential in the MMORPG gaming industry and we want to do our best to showcase the game as much as possible for the fans and the MMORPG community. If you are new to Tree of Savior game, I would recommend you to read up the introduction in our ToSWiki. When you have familiarized yourself on Tree of Savior game, I would like to invite you to join our community forum.

At the moment, TreeofSaviorGame.com has the following category:

  • Tree of Savior Wiki
  • Community Forum
  • Blog

ToSWiki will be the place for all in-game related information. We are thankful to all the contributors for updating ToSWiki on a timely manner and updating it with accurate information. Our aim is to cover as much information as possible on the game, including the peoples involved in developing the game.

Community Forum is the place where people discuss about information regarding Tree of Savior game. A lot of interaction activities is possible to be done in the forum such as guild recruitment, search for crafters, search for party members for raids, etc . Users are also ranked in forums, different titles are awarded for users leveling up in forum.

Blog is the place where the official contributors of TreeofSaviorGame.com publish news and updates. We try our best to publish news as soon as possible and we also try to cover other games as well. However, our main focus will definitely be Tree of Savior game.

There are a lot more things that I would like to do, especially during the launch of the Closed Beta Test. Until then, happy waiting and I hope I will see you in the game!

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