Warpportal Censorship

Gravity US Censors “Tree of Savior” and “TOS” in Forum

Warpportal.com, a website operated by Gravity Interactive, Inc. (Gravity US) has secretly censored the word “Tree of Savior” and the acronym “TOS” in the forum. The word filter built into the website will automatically filter “Tree of Savior” as “Ragnarok Online” and “TOS” as “Ragnarok Online 2”.

We have tested and confirmed it using a newly created user. We did not want to disturb the moderators in the forums. Therefore, instead of posting a forum topic, we sent a private message instead.

We prepared our private message with the proper keywords, “Tree of Savior” and “TOS”.

Warpportal Censors Tree of Savior Word

Here is a screenshot of the message sent:

Warpportal Censors Tree of Savior Word

There are many posts regarding the strict censorship in the Warpportal forum. However, none of them is attended by the community manager. Instead of responding to all the community’s feedback, Warpportal staffs have chosen to react to the issue by censoring the name of the game that is still under development. The acronym, “TOS” which also stands for “Terms of Service” is filtered as well. A simple mistake any community manager should be aware of.

Meanwhile, Tree of Savior continues to gain popularity from all kinds of gamers. Just a few weeks ago Tree of Savior was awarded with Best Online Game Award and Best Game Artwork Award.

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