Tree of Savior Search Result All Time High & Up 228% since 2013

Tree of Savior Search Result All-Time High & Up 228% since 2013

As we head towards the closing of 2014, Tree of Savior search results hit an all-time high of 108,100 searches a month in November 2014, beating many South Korean games such as the popular MapleStory 2 (90,500), Lineage Eternal (49,500), Peria Chronicles (18,100) and Sudden Atttack 2 (12,100). The search result shows an increase of 228% since November last year when imcGAMES released the first Tree of Savior game play.

That is not all. Search trend on “Tree of Savior” shows the search index topping the charts in the month of December 2014. Remember we are only on the halfway mark in December 2014. With the scheduled announcement in December 22, we predict that Tree of Savior may exceed 200,000 searches in December 2014.

Important Dates

November 2013First TOS gameplay video released in G-Star 2013
February 2014 – IMC Games announced FGT on Tree of Savior
May 2014 – IMC Games started English blog for Tree of Savior
August 2014 – The last blog update regarding Tree of Savior contents
November 2014 – imcGAMES Confirms Korean Publisher & G-Star 2014
December 2014 – Nexon website announcement & new BGM
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Most Hyped Countries

The six most hyped countries for Tree of Savior have not changed since our previous search analysis.

Brazil 11,027 (18.29%) +0.55%
United States 8,012 (13.29%) +0.08%
Thailand 6,917 (11.47%) -1.07%
Japan 6,302 (10.45%) -0.10%
South Korea (+1) 5,758 (9.55%) +4.39%
Taiwan (-1) 4,484 (7.44%) -0.15%
Other Countries 17,800 (29.52%) -3.69%
Total 60,300 (100%)  +24.89%

As usual, Brazil remains as the country most hyped for Tree of Savior. Although imcGAMES has yet to officially announce the support for Portuguese language, we are sure that the discussion to support Portuguese language has been discussed before. The biggest change with the latest standing is South Korea’s advancement to fifth place, beating Taiwan in terms of searches. Other countries with notable search results (average/month) are Philippines (2,010), Canada (1,935), Indonesia (1,562), Malaysia (1,290), Russia (1,287), and Vietnam (1,090).

Regional wise, it is also important to note that North America have an average of ~9,947 searches per month, Central & South America (~12,200), South East Asia (~6,720), Europe (~5,000) and Oceania (~780). You can vote for your region in our forum.

Data Acquisition

We obtain our data using the following keywords, “Tree of Savior”, “트리 오브 세이비어”, “救世主之樹” and ”ツリー オブ セイヴァー” in order to support all four major languages supported by Tree of Savior.

Search Variances & Errors

All the data acquired for this article is from Google and its search partners. We are fully aware of the use of different search engines in different countries. The three main ones are Naver (Korea), Baidu (China) and Goo (Japan).

We believe the results for Korea, Japan and China may be underestimated and might not show the actual picture of the “hype” in the respective countries. If anyone have access to these data please feel free to share the details in the forum using the green button below.


Tree of Savior Trend in Naver
Naver (Korea) Tree of Savior Trend

It seems like Tree of Savior is positioning itself to become Nexon’s best game in the Nexon G-Star 2014 lineup. Internationally, Tree of Savior is searched more than any other games Nexon (Korea) brought into G-Star 2014. However, that does not mean that Tree of Savior is the most popular Korean developed game internationally.

Daum’s Black Desert (open beta stage) currently tops the search chart with 310,000 searches a month. Smilegate’s Lost Ark (alpha stage) came second with 165,000. The December 2014 search volume for Tree of Savior (alpha stage) will determine whether Tree of Savior is living up to its reputation as a spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online.

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