Tree of Savior Official Website Released

Tree of Savior Official Website Released

imcGAMES released their new website for Tree of Savior. You can visit the Official Tree of Savior Website. Tree of Savior is a MMORPG game in which you will embark on a journey to look for the goddesses in the world of chaos. Fairy tale like colors and warm graphics in Tree of Savior will take you to precious reminiscences in the past.


Unlike major games such as Starcraft II or Dota II, Tree of Savior will be managed by different publishers in different countries. imcGAMES is currently still looking for publisher overseas to get in touch with. imcGAMES already has some partnered publishers in Asia already and is still trying to penetrate the Western market. That being said, imcGAMES will publish the game themselves if required.

Closed Beta Testing

Closed Beta Testing will begin after the publishers are in place. Registrations will be done via the publisher’s websites so you may expect to start CBT on different dates in different countries.

The important point to note is Tree of Savior will cultivate cultures of different countries. Players will start off playing the same TOS, but eventually will come to experience a slightly more culturally integrated TOS in the future.

If you want to offer your questions, suggestions, opinions or fan arts, please forward them to . Please do not expect a reply, but they do read all of their emails.

More info to come on December 22nd.

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