Gameplay Streaming Prohibited in Tree of Savior CBT

Gameplay Video Streaming Prohibited in Tree of Savior CBT

The Closed Beta Testing (CBT) policy of Tree of Savior prohibits test participants to stream or broadcast the TOS testing gameplay online. This means that we should not expect any fan released video content or streams for the upcoming CBT.

Referring to the CBT operational policy, it states that the purpose of the CBT is to highlight game bugs, errors and balance issues in the game. During the test, participants may experience unexpected errors and unreliable service depending on gaming content, events or services. Here are the interesting clauses:

Test participants cannot stream the test contents online.


Players cannot install and test the game in public places such as computer cafe or library.

Also, when test participants found a bug, they should should immediately inform the company about it. Testers should not inform other players or exploit the bug.

A Game Master (GM) will be on site during the testing period to help testers to play the game and conduct tests. The GM’s responsibility includes troubleshooting and responding to bugs and highlight it in the official website relating to this issue.

Players who violates operational policies will receive warnings in terms of chat or notifications. Persistent violation will result in a ban from both the game and the website.

Test keys cannot be transferred or shared with other people and testers cannot use other third-party apps such as botting programs.

Other clauses are probably self-explanatory. You can read the full Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing policy here.

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