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Pre G-STAR Live Blog

Pre G-STAR 2014 Live Blog

This is the live blog for pre G-STAR 2014. This blog article will cover the latest events leading to the explosion of G-STAR in 20th November 2014. Keep in mind that this is how G-STAR 2014 live blog coverage will look like. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get up to date once we publish the live blog.  We will announce the availability of the live blog once it is ready. Please also share the word so that others can get up to date as well.

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imcGAMES Confirms NEXON as Tree of Savior Publisher

imcGAMES’s Tree of Savior Confirms Nexon as Publisher in Korea

Just 30 minutes ago, imcGAMES has publicly announce that Nexon will be their publisher for Tree of Savior in Korea. imcGAMES will be responsible for servicing and development, while Nexon will be responsible for business and marketing. This relationship will not affect international CBT. 

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Play Ragnarok Online With roBrowser

Play Ragnarok Online With Your Browser

Feel like going back to relive the good old days in Ragnarok Online but do not want to spend too much time to download Ragnarok Online client and to endure the dreaded weekly maintenance? Here’s a good news, Vincent Thibault is currently developing roBrowser that will allow players to play Ragnarok Online using their favorite online browser, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and etc.

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G-Star 2014 Exhibitor's List

IMC Games Not in G-Star 2014 Exhibitor’s List

This article is outdated. Please refer to the latest article about G-Star here.

G-Star is the largest Korean Game Exhibition organized by Korea Internet Digital Entertainment Association (K-iDEA). Today, they announced that the current progress of the event and the exhibitor’s list in a press release. Unfortunately, IMC Games (company that is making Tree of Savior) has not confirmed as an exhibitor and is not in the exhibitor’s list.

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Petition Against Level Up! Games in Brazil

Petition Against Level Up! Games in Brazil (Interview)

A couple of days ago I came across a petition, it says, “Forbid Level Up! Games to publish Tree of Savior in Brazil/South America”. I got curious, so I did some research on the parties involved. I managed to contact the petition organizer, Fernando Marques who was kind enough to let me know what is going on in Brazil.

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Ragnarok Online Mastering

Reasons Why Ragnarok Online Failed

I shared an article a week ago on why was Ragnarok Online so Much Fun, written by Ramona Smith and it is one of the best written article I have read on Ragnarok Online. This time, I am writing the opposite, why Ragnarok Online failed. As a website dedicated to Tree of Savior (a highly acclaimed successor of Ragnarok Online) game, I will try my best to be as neutral as possible.

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