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Interview with Development Director, Kim Se-Yong

Interview with Development Director, Kim Se-Yong

A Chinese  website (17173.com) recently interviewed Tree of Savior development director and vice president Kim Se-Yong about Tree of Savior, game play, instances, bosses and card system. This article will answer a lot of questions that has been asked before prior to G-Star 2014. This is one of the best interview in my opinion about Tree of Savior.

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Six Aspects of a Successful eSports Game

Six Aspects of a Successful eSports Game

Competitive Gaming or Electronic Sports (eSports) is rapidly growing in the sport industry. A report in 2013 estimates US$71.5 million in viewership and US$25 million in prize money. MOBA title, Dota 2 “The International” tournament’s prize money was US$2.87 million in 2013. In 2014, it quickly quadrupled to nearly US$11 million. Naturally, game developers would love to tap into this exponentially growing market and essentially create a new sport.

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TOS First Gameplay Video

First Tree of Savior Gamplay Video Revealed in G-Star 2013

Tree of Savior is an extremely anticipated game by various players from around the world. In G-Star 2013, Kim Hakkyu has decided to reveal the first gameplay video to the public.

IMC Games was initially exhibiting WolfKnights in the B2B exhibition area in G-Star 2013 gaming trade show. However, the general public was keener on learning more about “Project R1″ game that was introduced in Hangame EX 2011. So Kim Hakkyu surprised the public with a Tree of Savior Trailer.

Kim Hakkyu said that they initially did not plan to release the video to the public. However, G-Star 2013 looked like the perfect place to introduce some information to the media.

Tree of Savior is completely different from the battle style title “WolfKnights”. Tree of Savior is 2D animated character on a 3D background, similar to Ragnarok Online. Many games out there have claimed to enter the Ragnarok Online niche, however most of them failed. Kim Hakkyu does not know why many failed, but as the father of Ragnarok Online, he certainly knows what he’s doing.

Kim Hakkyu want to build IMC Games similar to LEGO (toy) brand, where they aim to work on many Intellectual Properties (IP) in variety of games.