TOS Question & Answers #2

Tree of Savior Questions & Answers #2

CM Leslie interviews Director syKim on the Tree of Savior Game. Below are the summary excerpt.

  1. The story of Tree of Savior begins with a huge tree. After the tree has appeared, the Goddess disappeared and stopped protecting humans from monsters. After a long period of suffering, some warriors were selected by Laima, Goddess of Destiny. These warriors will save the Goddesses.
  2. Number of character slots is determined by the barrack size. Players will start with four character slots.
  3. Server wide chatting is available using a mic.
  4. Developers are planning to have a market for players to register their item. Auctions is also available in the market.
    Auction Items
  5. Level cap of 100 in CBT.
  6. Players will start with four classes in the game and branch out to a total of 80 classes in the game.
  7. Players can decide to not advance to upper classes and only train basic class to upgrade existing skills.
  8. All classes can craft in the game using Adventure Journal. Players can also share crafting manual with other players.
    Item Crafting
  9. Bosses are not hard if players understand their movements. Bosses in raids and fields will be more difficult.
    Tree of Savior Bosses
  10. Mouse usage in the game is very limited. Character movement is mostly done via a keyboard.
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