Inven Interviews TOS Development Team

Inven Interviews Tree of Savior Development Team, a Korean gaming website interviews the development team of Tree of Savior. This article explains the summary of the interview.

  1. Developers adjusted difficulty level of Monsters and modified some of the items based on feedback from the Focus Group Test (FGT).
    Focus Group Test Screenshot
  2. Graphics designers of TOS relied on hand drawing instead of the technology offered by the engine to create a fairy tale impression of the game.
  3. Ragnarok Online and Arcturus are not IMC Games’ game, the art director Anh Jung Wong has been with the company for a long time.

    Graphics of Tree of Savior
    Graphics of Tree of Savior
  4. Game engine is internally developed that has been used and updated since “Granado Espada”. Graphics engine uses the same engine used for “Wolfknights”.

    WolfKnights Graphics
    Tree of Savior uses the same graphics engine as WolfKnights
  5. Mr. Dong Il Kwak from SoundTeMP is now in charge of sound directing for Tree of Savior.
  6. CBT is 70% completed.
  7. Characters default movement is running, when the stamina depletes, the character will start to walk. Some classes can use dash to avoid attacks.
  8. Fireplace is used for Rest Mode
    Rest Mode
  9. Character customization is limited. Players can change class, gender, hairstyle and possibly eye color.
  10. All classes can craft in the game.
  11. You must acquire the manual to craft an item, the manual will be recorded in Adventure Journal.
  12. Certain manuals can be taught to others.
  13. Once you have collected all ingredients you can craft the item. Time required for item crafting in “Rest Mode” ranges from few seconds to 10 minutes.
  14. TOS will have 200 territories and 3 major cities in the official beta testing.
  15. There are 50 costumes that are non-related to classes costumes. Developers are working on more costumes.

    Variety of Costumes in TOS
    Variety of Costumes in Tree of Savior
  16. Adventure Achievements allow players to enjoy other contents of the game while getting rewarded, such as collecting all the different kinds of items, searching and navigating all the maps, clearing all the quests including the hidden quests and many more.
  17. Adventure Achievements is also ranked.
  18. When player has accumulated enough Achievement Points, certain quests and certain upper level classes are unlocked.
    Questing in TOS
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