Tree of Savior Question & Answer #4

Tree of Savior Questions & Answers #4

Developer SyKim answers the Q&A again this week. The summary of Q&A is below.

  1. Developers have temporarily included a recording feature in the game for ease of game development. The decision to allow players to record is not sure yet. Screenshots is possible in the game.
  2. The party feature will be modified after the Focus Group Test (FGT).
  3. Cards are available in the game, but unlike Ragnarok Online, the cards have no effect on items.
  4. Item and EXP obtained from monsters are fixed. But if players’ level is too high then EXP will start to diminish.
  5. Items are fixed by category and can be improved by combining jewels on items.
  6. There will not be guild system in CBT
  7. Hoplite is a class who uses one handed spear and a shield. This class will become empowered when a Centurion class is nearby.

    Centurion Army Put on Hoplites
    Centurion Army Put on Hoplites
  8. Wugushi (巫蠱師) is a class who specializes in making and using poisons.
  9. Characters in the video clips are left-handed because it is more visible to do so.
  10. Dagger is a sub-weapon in TOS. Sub-Weapons are used on the left hand and can be used by pressing the C key.

  11. Monsters spawn in random locations but they are made to group together.
  12. No plans to change music on each map.
  13. After leveling up, 1 stat point is given. Players can choose to allocate stat points on any four stats.
  14. Pets and mounts are companion that are similar but different. They can help you in battle or transportation or in other ways. Level of companion closeness can be increased.
    Tree of Savior Pets
    Tree of Savior Companions

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