Tree of Savior Questions & Answers #10

Tree of Savior Questions & Answers #10

SyKim published the 10th Q&A regarding Tree of Savior. This time he did not introduce any classes, instead he covered enhancement and crafting, which is a topic many are extremely interested to know.

  1. In Rest Mode, HP restoration is improved. HP can be restored even faster by setting up a fire place. This effect will affect other people as well.

    Tree of Savior Fire Place
    Fire places that can be set up anywhere on the field can be used by anyone. It extinguishes fast though.
  2. During rest mode, players can also do various activities such as crafting consumables.
  3. A few classes are based on some country’s specific cultural areas and historical heritage.
  4. No plans on syncing the game with mobile devices as of yet.
  5. Formation is a Skills where you only use it when it is needed. The developers are not worried that it may be used for trolling.

    Tree of Savior Centurion Master
    Centurion Master
  6. When a Chronomancer restored time on a certain place, that place will be distorted for some time and will not allow for misuse of skill.
  7. Hackapell is a mounted archer type class.
  8. A few of the development staffs love the BGM music from Symphonix. So they signed a contract with them because the developers believed that their music fits very well into a few occasions in TOS.
  9. In game voices are all prototypes at the moment. Voices of developers and designers are recorded in the studio’s recording booth. All voices will be localized and reworked for the official release.
  10. Players will be given choice to choose voice packs like how they choose languages in the game.
  11. Items Updates
    • ★ indicates item grade. More ★ = higher grade.
    • Certain items have Splash and Critical Occurrences.
    • Items which your character can equip depends on level and class.
    • Item Potential indicates the amount of time an item can be upgraded. The gauge decreases by one for every successful upgrade.
    • There are four levels of Uniqueness of item.

      Tree of Savior Item Grades
      From left, normal – magic – rare – unique grades
    • Each items has its own weight.
    • There is a limit on how players equip their character. When the character exceeds maximum weight, movement speed will be affected and cannot obtain new items anymore.
    • Character’s stat affects the maximum weight he can carry.
    • If players obtained a full set of equipment, additional options will be activated.
  12. Item Crafting
    • Player requires a manual to craft an item.
    • Manuals will be registered in Adventure Journal.
    • When all the ingredients are collected, players can craft the item anytime during rest mode.
    • Players can add names or tool tips for crafted items.
  13. Three Methods to Item Enhancement
    Tree of Savior Item Enhancement
    Item Enhancement
    1. Advancement – Placing an item on a Moru and hit it to advance to the next level. Level will be indicated by +1, +2 etc.
    2. Jewel – Players can insert four types of jewels (round, quadrangle, diamond and star).
      • Player can only insert the same shape of jewel in the corresponding hole of the items.
      • Players can make additional hole at the Ironsmith NPC.
      • Potential of the item will reduce by 1 after making additional hole.
    3. Magic Amulet – Players can increase item attributes by adding magic amulets. Magic amulets affect item appearance.

      Tree of Savior Magic Amulet
      Magic Amulets affects outlook of equipment
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