imcGAMES Confirms NEXON as Tree of Savior Publisher

imcGAMES’s Tree of Savior Confirms Nexon as Publisher in Korea

Just 30 minutes ago, imcGAMES has publicly announce that Nexon will be their publisher for Tree of Savior in Korea. imcGAMES will be responsible for servicing and development, while Nexon will be responsible for business and marketing. This relationship will not affect international CBT. 

Tree of Savior is a new open-world MMOPRG, which illustrates the fairy tale around a fictional world with huge trees. 80+ character builds and a huge world view accentuates this original MMORPG with an enormous degree of freedom.

Nexon (CEO Ji-won Park) released a statement on November 14th, 2014 that the company agreed upon a co-business partnership with imcGAMES (CEO Hak-kyu Kim) with Tree of Savior, a new MMORPG released by imcGAMES. With the partnership, Nexon gains Korean service license for Tree of Savior and becomes in charge of business marketing of the game. In other words, while imcGAMES develops and maintains the game, Nexon handles marketing and service aspects.

Ji-won Park, a CEO from Nexon, said: “We’re thrilled to provide services for one of the most anticipated games in 2015. We will work closely together with imcGAMES to come to a satisfying result.”

Hak-kyu Kim, a CEO from imcGAMES, responded: “We believe that the potential Tree of Savior has will shine a lot more now that Nexon’s on board with us. We will work harder to speed up the development and offer the first beta test as soon as possible.”

Nexon plans to release a newer version of Tree of Savior promotion trailer at G-Star, an international game conference held at Busan BEXCO from November 20th to 23rd.

Announcement on Nexon and imcGAMES partnership

Following the announcement, imcGAMES released a statement that the company will directly service Tree of Savior. A representative from imcGAMES said: “Although we’ve agreed on a publishing deal with Nexon, Tree of Savior will be directly serviced by imcGAMES.”

A representative further elaborated that imcGAMES’ company policy played a role in making this decision. “As we understand that development, business, and maintenance of the game are the most important aspects of online games, we have come to a decision that maintenance needs to happen in parallel to development of the game,” a representative discussed.

In conclusion, Tree of Savior will be developed, serviced, and maintained by imcGAMES, while Nexon will support in business marketing of the game.

Translated and edited by: Hyohyeoh Jeong



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