Announcing 13 New Tree of Savior Job Classes

Announcing 13 New Tree of Savior Job Classes

After a long and fruitful day at G-STAR 2014, we are pleased to announce thirteen new Tree of Savior job classes  indirectly announced by imcGAMES today. Special thanks to a really sweet Korean girl in G-STAR 2014, Melody Bellflare & Pimpapit Jarernrajsamee for their efforts in translating it before I got home.

*Some classes are not new, but I have included because we never saw the character design before.

Tree of Savior is exhibited in NEXON’s showcasing booth. In the heart of the booth is an LG television repeatedly showing Tree of Savior’s new trailer.

LG TV Showing TOS New Trailer

At the back is a poster that has 90 columns of Tree of Savior job classes. Some are repeats. It took me awhile to take photos one by one, so if you are using photos from our website, do us a kind favor and link back to us.

Tree of Savior Job Classes Poster in GSTAR

Let’s begin with the classes that we are already aware of but previously did not have character image yet. Please also note that only Korean names are official at the moment, the rest are translated and descriptions are based on information found online.

1. Hunter

Tree of Savior Hunter

Hunter, 헌터 [Heonteo]

2. Krivis

Tree of Savior Krivis

Krivis, 크리비 [Keulibi]

3. Shepherd

Tree of Savior Shepherd

Shepherd, 양치기 [Yangchigi]

4. Squire

Tree of Savior Squire

Squire, 스쾨이어 [Seukoeieo]

5. Army Chaplain

Tree of Savior Army Chaplain

Army Chaplain, 군목 [Kun-Mok]

6. Doppelsoldner

Tree of Savior Doppelsoldner

Doppelsöldner, 도펠죌트너 [Dopeljoelteuneo]

7. Falconer

Tree of Savior Falconer

Falconer, 응사 [Eung-Sa]


Tree of Savior Mimic

Mimic, 미믹 [Mimig]

9. Murmillo

Tree of Savior Murmillo

Murmillo, 무르밀로 [Muleumillo]

10. Paladin

Tree of Savior Paladin

Paladin, 팔라딘 [Palladin]

11. Pied Piper

Tree of Savior Pied Piper

Pied Piper, 파이드 파이퍼 [Paideu-paipeo]

12. Schwarze Reiter

Tree of Savior Schwarze Reiter

Schwarze Reiter, 슈바르츠 라이터 [Syubaleucheu-laiteo] – Black Rider

13. Taoist Priest

Tree of Savior Taoist Priest

Taoist Priest, 도사/道士 [Do-sa]

I haven’t got time to do the write up for the classes. If anyone wants to help out please feel free to contribute via the forum (follow the comment below).

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