Kim Hakkyu & Cleber from Brasil Tree of Savior

Brasil TOS Questions & Answers with imcGAMES

Today Brasil Tree of Savior admin, Cleber have something for all the Tree of Savior fans around the world. He personally paid USD$200 from his pockets just to get into the G-STAR BTB exhibition hall to have a Question and Answer session with Kim Hakkyu and the imcGAMES team. Cleber has also been extremely kind and shared his discovery with us. Do visit the Brazilian Tree of Savior website for Portuguese version of the Q&A.

Cleber had prepared many questions, however many of them were confidential to imcGAMES. Only 13 questions were answered.

Q1: Do you have plan for a Tree of Savior Portuguese version?
imcGAMES: We know that the Brazilian community is the biggest at the moment. We are planning to support Brazilian language later, right now we are more focused on the current proposed languages (Korean, Japanese, English, Mandarin).

Q2: Do you intend to publish the game yourselves or will you use a publisher?
imcGAMES: Domestically, NEXON Korea is the publisher. We have collaborated with publishers from China and Japan already (company names were not mentioned). It shouldn’t take very long to collaborate with American publishers.

Q3: What is the minimum PC requirement to run Tree of Savior?
imcGAMES: We don’t know the exact PC requirement yet, most PCs nowadays should be able to support Tree of Savior.

(Cleber then asked how much RAM and CPU they had in mind)

To run at maximum settings, it is recommended to have at least 4GB RAM and an Intel Core i3 processor.
(Graphics card requirement were not mentioned in the reply)

Q4: I am pretty sure that Tree of Savior will be a success. How did you get the idea for this game?
imcGAMES: We wanted to create something to recall the old times, and with that Tree of Savior was born.

Q5: Approximately how long do we have to wait until Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing?
imcGAMES: Closed Beta Testing should probably start in Korea this winter
(Winter starts in December in Korea)

Q6: Will the Closed Beta open to everyone or is there IP block for some countries?
imcGAMES: This has not been decided yet.

Q7: Will Closed Beta require CBT keys or will it be open to everyone?
imcGAMES: You will need a NEXON account. Whoever has it should be able to participate in the Closed Beta Testing.

Q8: When do you think the game is ready to be released?
imcGAMES: We will need to see how well is Closed Beta Testing to determine when we can release the game.

Q9: How is the PvP system?
imcGAMES: We will have a normal Player vs Player, Guild vs Guild and other methods such as Colonies vs Colonies. That is the information I can reveal at the moment, more information will be revealed later in the future.

Q10: Do you think the game will be hard for beginners?
imcGAMES: I have played the game several time in the test and I can guarantee Tree of Savior will be intuitive and easy going for beginners.

(Kim Hakkyu entered meeting area the join Cleber’s meeting)

Q11: How will the leveling system be like? Will you focus more on quests or not?
imcGAMES: We cannot reveal more information on this one, but rest assured that Tree of Savior quests will not be boring like other MMORPG quests.

Q12: In my opinion, this is the most important question. The game is Pay to Win or Pay to Play? Will gamers’ skill make a difference?

(Everybody was laughing at this question)

imcGAMES: The thing with our CEO, Kim Hakkyu is he does not like Pay to Win.

Kim Hakkyu: The last thing Tree of Savior will be is Play to Win.

Q13: Last question. From the video, it seems that Tree of Savior bosses are easy. Will there be tough bosses in Tree of Savior?
imcGAMES: Yes, we definitely have different difficulty from weak bosses in the beginning to tough bosses as players level up.

At the end of the interview Cleber received a posted for Tree of Savior (the one with 90 column of TOS classes). Tree of Savior Game, Brasil Tree of Savior and Thai Tree of Savior are meeting up tomorrow in G-STAR 2014 NEXON’s booth.

To Cleber & Brazil Fans
To Cleber and Brazilian Fans!


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