imcGAMES Confirms NEXON as Tree of Savior Publisher

Tree of Savior CBT to Start in Jan – Feb 2015 (Unofficial)

Many of us are expecting to see Tree of Savior on 18th Dec. Here is the bad news, we won’t. The good news is, it is only delayed by a month and the date is perfect for South Koreans to test the game. In this article, we will explain the exact date and why it is the best time for CBT. However, these dates remain unofficial as we wait for the official news from imcGAMES.

Game Rating Board Update

Previously, the Game Rating Board (GRB) of South Korea approved the testing dates for Tree of Savior in 18th Dec – 16th Jan. This is now obsolete. GRB updated the testing schedules to 15th January to 15th February 2015 and like before, CBT is still available for 1000 local South Korean players. International CBT is still under discussion.

Tree of Savior CBT Date

Actually if we think about it, there’s no other date better than 15th Jan and 15th Feb to launch the Closed Beta Testing for Tree of Savior. Here’s why.

Christmas Season

Many of us were eager to see Tree of Savior in action as our Christmas gift. But unfortunately, nobody will be around to manage the servers during that period of time. In a typical company, 25th Dec to 1st Jan is the best time for employees to go on a holiday. There is no way imcGAMES will risk a new beta game unattended during the Christmas week.

But why can’t they delay it further?

Korean Lunar New Year

Korean Lunar New Year falls on 19th February 2015, four days after the completion of the new approved CBT dates. This also means right after CBT, imcGAMES and Nexon will close shop and immediately get ready for New Year.

With these indicators in place, we believe that Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing (CBT) will start on 15th January 2015 to 15th February 2015. Please note that this is unofficial date and we are waiting for official announcement from imcGAMES and Nexon.

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