Tree of Savior Expected Release Date

Tree of Savior Expected CBT Release Date (Unofficial)

I am sure everybody is eagerly looking forward to the release on Tree of Savior (TOS) game this weekend especially when Tokyo Gaming Show (TGS) 2014 is showcasing record setting amounts of games (1,363) from 421 exhibitors from 32 countries.

Unfortunately, I checked the whole exhibitors’ list and found no signs of “IMC Games” or “Tree of Savior”. So I proceed to disappoint many Tree of Savior fans in the Discussion Forum and Facebook page. But I did promise that I will provide an expected date of the release, didn’t I?

Expected Release Date

First I will explain why TOS CBT will not release this weekend. I believe as a proud South Korean, Kim Hakkyu will not release his game in a non-Korean game expo. Why?

  1. He speaks and explains better in Korean
  2. A Korean game will be significantly hyped if it is revealed in Korea
  3. It will be an honor to reveal the game in his own country
  4. It is basically a strategic move to extend the development and ensure it is ready for the public

So when will Kim Hakkyu reveal the game?

We know that Tree of Savior developers are going on full swing with the development. Leslie on the other hand has stopped updating TOS blog and has switched her focus on WolfKnights. And since early September, the developers have been frequently updating a secret website with pre-CBT patch notes. Now, the second phase of internal (for developers only) CBT test has also started (translated patch notes).

With these information in place, it is safe to assume that Tree of Savior Closed Beta Test will begin this year and guess what, you don’t even need to wait until Christmas! Because G★Star 2014 is just around the corner!

G-Star Game Expo 2010

G★Star Global Game Exhibition is an annual trade show for games hosted by Korea Internet & Digital Entertainment Association (K-IDEA). The main focus of the expo is on South Korean video games.  The G★Star 2014 Expo will start exhibiting from 20th – 23rd November 2014 in Busan, Korea. Last year, Kim Hakkyu revealed the first gameplay video on Tree of Savior in G★Star 2013. If you ask me, G★Star 2014 sounds like the perfect time and place to showcase Tree of Savior, where Kim Hakkyu will reclaim his triumph in the 2.5D anime gaming niche over Gravity’s Ragnarok Online with his own title.

The management of G★Star 2014 said she will not reveal their exhibitors’ list at the moment and asked me to query IMC Games directly. NOTE: She did not say “NO” to a direct question. I am currently still waiting for confirmation from IMC Games personnel. Once I have a reply I will update this article. Stay tuned!

Oh and tell us why you’re excited about the game and will you wait until 2015 for the release?

Editor’s Note: Even if CBT does not get revealed in G★Star 2014, we will have official news for sure.

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