Tree of Savior 10,000 Testers in Second CBT & Estimated Date

Tree of Savior 10,000 Testers in Second CBT & Estimated Date

Since the beginning of Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing 1, imcGAMES has already hinted that CBT2 will accommodate 10,000 participants. Also, Kim Seyong the Project Director of Tree of Savior has also estimated that CBT2 may start in Spring 2015.

The latest update from the Korean Game Rating Agency confirms that CBT2 will accommodate up to 10,000 testers, only a fraction of the registrants in CBT1. About 90,000 people registered for CBT1 but only 3,000 were chosen as testers. Testing period will fall in between April 21 to May 29, 2015.

This does not necessary mean that CBT2 will take place for 38 days, it only means that the testing period is in between those dates. We will have to wait for the official announcement to know the exact testing schedule. Also, there may be a possibility for imcGAMES to increase the amount of testers like they have done so before in the past.

For international fans, unfortunately CBT2 will only accommodate Koreans only. You can read more about international servers in Kim Hakkyu’s international server update.

Do bookmark the TOSWiki page on beta testing if you’d like to keep yourself updated on the latest beta tests. We update our wiki everyday to ensure that international fans get updated information as soon as possible.

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